ACTIVE LEGAL is a boutique law consultancy providing legal services.  If it suits you our lawyers come and work for you in your office as and when you require legal assistance.

This way you obtain the benefit of having an in-house lawyer on site but the flexibility and cost savings of choosing when that lawyer is on site.

With our experience we can provide you with practical and commercial legal advice across a broad range of legal areas such as contract law, debt resolutions, property and aged care.  Our aim is to:

Add benefit and value to your business needs

Provide commercial and practical solutions to your legal problems

Act swiftly to provide the best opportunities to enable a quick resolution to your legal issues

Provide you with peace of mind that your legal issues are being handled in a professional manner and with your best interests in mind

Our fees are very competitive and we offer monthly retainers, daily rates, fixed quotes or hourly rates, whichever suits you best.

OUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE is that we come to you.

Fiona Touhill is the (principal) owner of Active Legal.

Fiona has had over 20 years experience working as a lawyer in several city law firms in Sydney and also as an in house lawyer for a national company which provided aged care services in the private sector and whose head office was located in the Sydney CBD.

Recent articles written  by Fiona

Big Changes in Strata Laws are coming

Even if you do not want to sell your unit to a developer - you may be out voted and forced to sell Terminate or Renew a strata scheme From July 2016, to terminate and renew a strata scheme (referred to as Collective Sale and Renewal), only 75% approval will be needed...

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Buying off the Plan – reforms are coming

With a residential property boom comes the inevitable residential development boom of strata title apartments. You "buy off the plan" when you pay a deposit and agree to purchase most commonly a unit in a strata title complex that is not yet built or is in the very...

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